Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buyouts, layoffs, and transfers

Our members report that Carolina Garcia, executive editor of the LADN, held meetings with staff last Friday. At the meetings, Garcia told employees that job transfers related to the upcoming copy desk consolidation will occur in March. She told the newsroom that the company would also be seeking layoffs, but any employee that volunteered for a preemptive buyout this week would receive a severance package. This plan and the proposed buyout have not been discussed with the Guild. The potential number of layoffs would be dependent on how many employees accepted the buyout offer, but initial reports suggest the target is five or six.

The details and terms of the buyout package are unclear at this time, but several employees have stepped forward in response to the offer.

There's a lot of confusion floating around over the announcement, with seemingly contradictory statements coming from management. The broad, nonspecific declarations have led to several different interpretations among the employees, and few hard details have been made available.

As of yet, the company has not negotiated the effects of the decision to move employees to the SGVT, and we're actively seeking out details and further information. If you have any information to share, please contact us at scmg9400@gmail.com, or call Vicki Di Paolo at 562.259.9430

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